Our Product Lines

Rotary Indexers from Weiss

Ring Indexers

Rotary Indexers

Linear Assembly Systems

Servo Pick & Place

4 year Warranty

Pallet Handling Systems from Glide-Line

Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling

Multi-Strand Panel Handling

Transfer and Turn

Merge and Sort

Shuttle and Stack


Feeder Bowl Systems from Fortville Feeders

Vibratory Feeder Bowls

Centrifugal Feeders

Step/Flex Feeders

Escapements and Mechanisms

Elevators and Gondolas


Riveting from Orbitform

Orbital Riveting and Fastening

Impact Riveting

Roller Forming

Hot Upset Forming

Process Monitoring


Marking Systems from Technomark

Integrated Markers

Bench Top Markers

Hand Held Units

Laser Solutions

Vision Reading Systems


Automatic Tools from Nitto Seiko

Auto Screwdrivers

Nut Runners

Part Placers

Hand Held Screwdrivers

Robotic Drivers


Conveyor Systems from Wardcraft

Steel Hinge Belt Conveyors

Magnetic Conveyors/Elevators

Gondola Dumpers

Scrap Conveyors

Quick Die Change Systems


Workplace Safety from Power Safe Automation

Turnkey Safety Guarding

Electrical Services

Power Distribution

Facility Lighting

Risk Assessments


Automation Equipment from Spectrum Automation

Specialty Parts Feeding

Step Feeders

Bulk Material Handling

Rod Feeders

Billet Feeders